Stingers 285 Corridor Soccer Programs

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Stingers Soccer is VERY excited to help bring youth soccer back to the 285 Corridor.  As part of this effort, Stingers Soccer offered four FREE youth soccer clinics this summer. They were held on the Conifer High School turf field on Thursdays.  



The Stingers U5 Program is designed for 4 year-olds to have the most enjoyable soccer experience possible. Our staff provides a fun and safe atmosphere in which the players can begin to learn the basics of the game, while also continuing their development of gross motor skills. Players are not yet placed on a TEAM at U5, but will instead participate in one clinic per week conducted by Stingers staff organized by the Developmental Program Coordinator and staff. 

On the four Sundays at CHS, the players will be divided into groups of 3 with either their friends or other developmentally appropriate children.  “Games” will be four 8 minute quarters and the staff will work with volunteer parents to help teach the basics of the game.  Volunteers are needed!

Using the small #3 size soccer ball, sessions stress coordination, agility, and mobility to develop body mechanics, movement, and awareness.  Most importantly, the focus will be on children having FUN!

The Fall Class runs for 6 weeks  on Sundays September 15, 22, 29, and October 6th at CHS from 2-2:45 p.m. On Saturdays October 12 and 19, games will be at Marshdale from 11-11:45 a.m.



Our goal for Fall 2013/Spring 2014 is to establish the basic framework for creating a Conifer 285 Corridor youth soccer program.

You can help us build a 285 Corridor Soccer Program and create a foundation for future soccer at all ages. The focus for this program is more of an introduction to soccer as it will take time to recruit/train coaches, educate parents, and teach children the basic rules and nuances of the game.  The age groups to start out will be 5-11 years old.  We expect more younger children to initially participate, but we want to keep it open for older teams as well.  Costs are $85 per 6 week season or $150 for fall/spring, for teams that practice in Conifer (plus a jersey fee of $10).  The Bailey teams (U7/U8 Hawks & MTN Division Eagles) will be $75 per 6 week season or $130 for fall/spring, plus a jersey fee of $10 for players that need a new jersey.  The difference in price is because of costs for  administrative overhead, gear/resources supplied by Stingers is different for the two locations.

We are looking for volunteer coaches and community organizers. Stingers will provide the infrastructure, coaching education, and gear. The community will need to provide the people that are eager to help build the program.

Practices will be held on Wednesday nights at Beaver Ranch at Conifer Community Park.

Teams will play 6 games in the fall, and 8 games in the spring. They will begin on Sunday afternoons in September (15, 22, & 29, & October 5) at Conifer High School between 2-6 p.m. Games will be against other Conifer teams and age groups could be mixed to find appropriate competition. It’s the plan that Evergreen teams will be the visitors for competition on the last two Sundays.  In October, the games will move to Saturday mornings (October 12, & 19) at Marshdale turf fields where the Conifer teams will be the visitors versus other Stingers age appropriate and comparable teams. This method will provide the 285 Corridor players with a good foundation of the rules before putting them into a more structured league format. 

Stingers is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on our volunteer parents. Without these fantastic volunteers, we would not have such a great organization! Stingers wants to ensure that quality individuals are coaching our children. Therefore, Developmental Program Coordinator Andrew Stafford and Director of Coaching Henry Aiyenero will recruit and train coaches to help create a positive youth sport experience, while also helping to create environments that teach the proper skill development. We balance it all with the most important reason to play soccer-FUN! Coaches are needed to run practices and for games in the U6, U7, U8, and U9-U11 Mountain Team Division. All Developmental coaches will receive coaching education via clinics and courses, weekly lesson plans, and support from the Stingers Director of Coaching. The time commitment is usually about 2.5 hours per week: one half-hour for communications, one hour for practice, and one hour for games on Saturdays/Sundays. All Stingers coaches must pass a background check.

Please visit our website! email Developmental Program Coordinator Andrew Stafford   or call 303-679-9222 if you are interested in helping build the program.

 Let’s do it together!

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